My name is Giuliano, I’m not good at marketing but I’m not trying to sell you anything. :)
I’m a Systems Engineer and here I’ll mainly write about things related to my job: useful info that solved a particular issue or that somehow saved my, ehm, day.

Have a nice stay,


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  1. hi:

    Nice blog congrats, is there any way to help you?

  2. Thank you, Diego!

  3. Mandolina passava con il suo scooter senza casco e ha deciso di fare 108 impennate davanti a casa tua :)

  4. Grande,
    un grazie sentito per le soluzioni in un mondo di problemi!

    a heartfelt thanks to the solutions in a world of trouble!

    • Sono commosso. :) Grazie a te per il commento.