Unknown devices on HP servers

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Following up on the “Unknown devices on IBM servers” post, let me talk about a similar situation with HP machines (DL180 G6, in my case).

The device that Windows fails to identify is this one:


More info can be found by looking up the IDs in the pci.ids file (as I often do), or by means of the various “Unkown Device Identifier” type of software (e.g. this one). If you have a Linux machine at hand, such a one-liner may suit you:

# sed -n -e '/^8086/,/3a22/p' /usr/share/misc/pci.ids | sed -n -e '1p;$p'
8086  Intel Corporation
        3a22  82801JI (ICH10 Family) SATA AHCI Controller

What’s missing is an Intel SATA driver; needless to say that you won’t find it anywere on HP site.
I downloaded and installed the Rapid Storage Technology Driver from Intel’s web site (here). A 280KB download named “STOR_all32_f6flpy_9.6.0.1014_PV.zip” fixed things up for me.
Maybe the proper thing to try would’ve been the latest (March 2010) Proliant Support Pack, but it’s a big download and I didn’t have the time. Also, the onboard SATA controller isn’t really used (the additional SAS RAID is, instead) and I just wanted to get rid of the yellow warning sign in Device Manager.


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  1. I usually go to htp://www.pcidatabase.com to search for unknown devices info…

    • Thanks Max, bookmark added.
      In this post’s case the site isn’t very detailed, though. Searching for “3A22″ just returns a generic Intel “AHCI Controller”, not enough info to go hunting drivers… :(



  2. Giuliano, you’re way more nerd than you look in real life. I’m glad to know your blog, I’ll quote you when I wanna frighten somebody from now on :)
    Jasmine 😉

    • Ehi, don’t tell anybody, but these pages serve the sole purpose of tricking someone from abroad into hiring me. 😉 Seriously though: I find your blog immensely more enjoyable than mine. And I guess I’ll take your comment as a compliment. :)